Weight Gain Wednesday – Bringing Health & Nutrition Back to the Breakfast Porridge

It’s Weight Gain Wednesday again! If you’re just tuning in you’ve missed quite a few posts about high calorie nutrient dense foods to help you gain weight, how to pump up a smoothie, how to pump up a salad and how to decrease bloating and gas that can be associated with trying to gain weight.

Last week I had a request to talk more about breakfast and one that I always love discussing is the hot breakfast. Traditionally, you’ll hear of people having oatmeal in the morning to help lose weight. However, with added ingredients, it can be great for weight gain too.

Typical Breakfast Porridge

1 package of instant oats, flavoured

This is extremely unhealthy for a number of reasons. Quick oats (and even just rolled oats) have been precooked and then dried so they cook faster. This means when it’s time for you to eat it, it’s going to have a lot less nutrients associated with it.

Not only this, but instant packages are almost always sweetened, or at least that’s what everyone chooses. This means you’re adding an additional 15 – 30g of processed sugar to your meal.

So no matter how little or how much you eat of this, it’ll not that healthy.

How can we add health back into the morning breakfast, and help you gain healthy weight from it?

I’m going to change the instant oats to steel cut oats or whole quinoa for a gluten-free option. Both the instant and steel cut oats are technically the same in quantity and all of the macronutrient nutrition numbers but the overall micronutrients (vitamins/minerals) will differ just based on the processing and ingredients involved.

 Pumped Up Morning Porridge for Weight Gain Or Just Health

½ cup uncooked steel cut oats or whole quinoa for gluten-free (which becomes 1 cup cooked)*
Whole milk or coconut milk to prepare the oats/quinoa
1  tsp coconut oil or butter
1 cup blueberries*
2 – 3 tbsp hemp seeds
½ – 1 scoop all natural vanilla protein powder
Optional – lemon zest

Cook the oats/quinoa according to package (cook in advance for a speedy morning) in the milk/coconut milk. Stir in the coconut oil/butter, hempseeds and add the blueberries at the end. Stir in protein powder and add lemon zest of you love a lemon freshness. Add extra water for desired consistency of your protein powder thickens it too much.

There are 18g of sugar in this, 13 of which come from low glycemic blueberries instead of processed sugar like the instant packages, and the rest naturally occurring from the dairy. The rest of the carbohydrates are from low glycemic steel cut oats or quinoa.

*To add even more density and volume to this – increase the amount of steel cut oats/quinoa and switch blueberries to banana.

Psst – for those gaining weight this could be seen as breakfast #1 😉

Keep empowering your growing bodies with nutrient dense foods 🙂

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    After my mom and I was diagnosed with breast cancer this past May 2017, we decided to eat differently for life. While doing that we lost more weight than we wanted to. I’m hoping through your advice we will be able to put some weight back on in a healthy way. I hope to be able to inspire others as well. Thank you!

    Dr. Frazier

    • I am so glad we’ve been connected and that you found these blogs, Dr. Frazier! I sincerely hope you and your mom find these helpful. You both have been through so much and I think it’s great that you are also looking to also inspire others – that in itself makes you already an inspiration 🙂

      Keep me posted on your journey.

      All the best,

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