Top 5 Food Trends That Are Coming or Here to Stay

I had the pleasure of going to the Natural Products Expo West last weekend and I was absolutely blown away. I was introduced to some new food trends that I believe we will be seeing more of, and also saw an explosion of trends that are definitely here to stay so I thought I would share it with you since you deserve to know as well!

There were companies that I didn’t even know existed and they were companies that fall in line with my philosophy of real ingredients, real food, and quality food so I was extremely excited to be introduced to them. For the most part, I hadn’t heard of them because they were either locally produced in California, or only produced in the United States.

It was interesting because I would always ask if a new product was being released in Canada, and if a vendor was not already in Canada that response was ALWAYS “we aren’t in Canada because of the bilingual label laws” or “it won’t be in Canada for a long time because of the bilingual label laws”. Turns out, our laws make it a wee bit more expensive to produce bilingual labels and it’s a lengthy process to go through. That was frustrating to hear (though I still haven’t confirmed this or what the laws are in the US).

Well let’s take a look at what I found was new (or new within the last year or so) and what trends I feel will be here to stay because I think it’s all pretty darn exciting!

Top 5 Food Trends That are Coming, or Here to Stay

  • NEW – barcodes to scan batch for allergies –  A company called Zego Snacks has created a scannable barcode that you can scan with your phone to read about the post production allergy testing of that specific batch of bars you are about to eat. I think this is amazing for the allergy world and gives that extra boost of confidence before you chomp down as we all known the reality of food recalls due to unfortunate allergic reactions. I see this as a new trend that is here to stay and hope to see it on more products in the future.
  • NEW – Less sweet, more savoury – especially in the bar department. Every single snack bar has a sweet taste and usually lots of sugar, whether natural or artificial or unhealthy. It’s not always the greatest thing to flock to, especially in the gluten-free community. I saw a few savoury bars with a lower sugar content than the sweet counterparts so that makes me pretty happy. Kind Snacks had a whole line of savoury snacks entering the US shortly although they couldn’t confirm entry into Canada even though their other bars are here. Their flavours including Hickory Smoked Almond and Honey Mustard Almond and they were delicious! And gluten-free! I’d love to see more savoury snacks to help our society move away from expecting a sweet flavour from everything we eat.
  • STAY – more official third party certifications on claims – instead of a company saying gluten-free out of their own free will, more will be certified. This has to do with consumer demand as well as new labelling laws. Those who will not be certified will have to remove their claim as they likely did not take precaution in manufacturing despite the product being made without actual gluten. Cross contamination is the most common reason allergic reactions occur, not the actual consumption of the allergen. This will make it so much easier on the allergic consumer and family members shopping for them to see third party stamps. But let’s hope they all have barcodes soon too like what I mentioned above! Can never be too safe 🙂
  • STAY – Less junk, more goodness – I’ve seen over the years companies change their ingredients due to customer demand. I have yet to see too much change in the major brands that run the world, but the companies just entering will be looking at customer demands in order to survive. I don’t have an exact on this but I’m pretty sure that in 5 years, the amount of real food bars on the market has likely quadrupled. They used to be a science experiment of how can we reduce carbs and pump up protein and the result was a chemical cocktail of ingredients. Now there are at least 15 different companies that create bars with real whole understandable ingredients and even boast about their sourcing. In the protein bar department there is so much selection with a combination of dates, nuts/seeds, protein powders, and spices. Even though many have the same minimal ingredients, they all manage to taste a bit different so I say the more the merrier! Pressures on to the companies who haven’t jumped on to the real food band wagon yet – tick tock tick tock until these guys overpower you!
  • STAY – more food companies taking a lifestyle approach – for example instead of saying here is my product and getting people to eat it, they will be advocating for a whole food lifestyle all around and help people get motivated in one way or another whether having in-house menu plans that are downloadable, on-staff nutritionists or providing recipes and health information on their website and promoting and marketing a whole lifestyle. This is not only helpful for motivating their consumers to make overall changes, but also it gives you more confidence in the brand itself and why such a  product or products were created. If a company lives and breathes what they promote, you can guarantee their passion will make them big and they won’t be trying anything sneaky for financial gain.

It’s going to be an exciting 2014, 2015 and beyond! I can feel it. Are you excited about food yet?


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