Summertime BBQ’ed Kale

Yes I said BBQ’d kale. Okay so, how did this come about? Well, it was Easter dinner and the oven was occupied with the turkey and I wanted me some kale chips. So I thought, the kale chips just need to get dry and crunchy – the BBQ! So, it worked out, pretty well actually, follow along to help decrease the heat in your house in the summer and try some nice and crispy kale chips a different way.

BBQ’ed Kale Chips


Large bunch of kale, steams removed and chopped into large pieces
Extra virgin olive oil, in your own spritz container, or just drizzle on
sea salt and other spices of choice – like chili powder!

Directions – follow along!

How to - kale

Put the kale chips in a veggie basket for the BBQ, or something with holes in it. Spritz with extra virgin olive oil
(I have an aerosol free spray container that I filled with my own olive oil)

How to - kale2

How to - kale3

Place it on the BBQ on 200 – 250F and close the lid. Open up every 5 or so minutes and use tongs to
flip them around to get evenly browned and crunchy

How to - kale4

Ta-da! Now sprinkle with some sea salt or other spices of choice and you’re good to go.

Serve with a gluten free turkey burger with natural ketchup

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