Pumpkin Cranberry Muffins – Gluten Free + Paleo

Here’s another example of a recipe I so wish was mine, but works out so well there’s nothing that needs to be altered from it! (high fives to the creator of the book Practical Paleo!) They looked so pretty with their bright red popping out I had to capture it and also share this recipe with you. I also love how red works with blue (hmmm I wonder why – hello logo and website branding!).

A few notes – the recipe mentions different fats to use, and I used coconut oil for my fat option. In the book it didn’t say to use tapioca flour so I didn’t use that either even though all of the other ingredient measurements are the same – worked out well and haven’t tried the tapioca version yet because I just noticed that difference 😉

It also has the perfect balance of sweet and tart, they held together well for a grain free muffin (I made them into mini muffins) and they froze well.

Enjoy the recipe here or below for a capture from the book!

gluten free paleo muffin



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