Moving to a new place? Check out my essential lists for your fridge, pantry and kitchen tools!

I’m pretty sure I’m an expert mover by now. Since 2006 I’ve moved 6 times. That was never the plan but always how it seemed to work out. Whether I was moving cities, a lease ended or I just wanted some change, it’s been 6 moves in 7 years. I’m about to add my 7th move, believe it or not, and an 8th soon after but that will be it! I hope.

In honour of my multiple moves and knowing that moving is something everyone experiences in their life, I teamed up with Real Estate Agent Extraordinaire Jen Dumitrescu to help her clients, and all of you, make moving a healthy one by creating lists of the absolute essentials to start building a pantry, a fridge and getting some kitchen tools especially for those who are buying new homes, have never lived on their own before, or are changing cities or countries where you are literally starting from scratch.

To prevent feeling overwhelmed, taking finances into consideration (and not stocking up on completely unnecessary things) and eating take-out for a couple months make sure you check out these lists to make your new home a healthy one!

Pantry Essentials

Fridge Essentials

Kitchen Appliance/Tool Essentials

Haven’t bought a home yet but now you want to? Contact Jen now!

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