My Journey of Learning the Ropes of the Kitchen – with humour and goggles!

*Originally posted in 2010

As a fellow food explorer I can tell you that I have had some wild rides in the kitchen. My friends and family have seen me do very odd things and some incredibly massive mistakes to get where I am today (which still is not perfect and that’s ok) I’ll take you through some of the main things I have learned throughout my journey. What funny things or learning curves have you had?

Things I’ve Learned During my Journey in the Kitchen

head shot - goggles

1. People who cut onions who claim to be “special” because they don’t cry – are wearing contacts.

2. People who cut onions at 6am who don’t want to put their contacts in yet, wear goggles. (and yes, I’ve done this) Placing vinegar in a bowl and using fans just never worked for me.

3. Cooking rice (especially brown rice) like pasta prevents you from setting off fire alarms and gives you more breathing room for time. This means forget the water measurements just fill up that pot, boil until done and strain out the water.

4. Don’t pour vanilla extract directly into a small pot when you have a gas stove – unless you fight fires for a living. It dribbles, and it’s based on alcohol.

5. Make sure you know which spices have shaker tops and which are fully open. Would you like some cereal with that cinnamon?

6. When steaming vegetables, always make sure to reduce heat and add in extra water than you think you need because when nature calls and then you forget you have something on the stove and suddenly you’re lying on the floor (my back hurt) and you smell something burning, you’ve probably burnt the bottom off your pot. For the second time. Okay Fourth!

7. Don’t place very perishable items at the front of your fridge, especially if the fridge is very full because sometimes they don’t remain as cool as they should, and then you will spend a few days getting to know your bathroom.

8. If you use fancy glass dispensers for storing oil and soap – clearly label them as OIL and SOAP.

9. When using a juicer, always turn it off before adding more vegetables/fruit and then place the lid/food pusher on it before turning it on again otherwise you’ll end up with a carrot shooting you in the eye from ricocheting off the blades.

10. Never place food on a baking sheet on the very top rack of a gas oven with parchment paper, unless you intend to make a campfire during those cold Toronto winters.

Did I mention that I lit things on fire quite a bit? Oh well! It’s all part of the journey.

What have you learned from your kitchen adventures?

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