How to Make Gluten Free Eating Healthy – and why it’s not always healthy

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CNN wrote an article on the ever so popular topic of being gluten free. They mention how it can benefit so many people experiencing fatigue, general aches, pains and digestive discomforts, however is gluten free always the best option? Most of my clients know I’m gluten free and have been since 2005, and sometimes they assume if they tell me they’ve had a gluten free product that I’ll give them the thumbs up – wrong! A lot of pre-packaged GF items are made with white rice flour, potato starch and sugar, and then it’s no better than a box of KD. When I first went gluten free I definitely fell into the trap of buying all those highly refined zero nutrition packaged products and I paid a price for it. Going gluten free initially shot up my energy and decreased my intestinal discomforts amongst a thousand other improvements, but over time after consuming these types of products my energy began to suffer again big time. It wasn’t until I was gluten free for 2 years that I realized – hey it’s probably a good idea to consume gluten free products that actually contain nutrient dense ingredients!

If you’re suffering from digestive discomforts like gas, bloating, abdominal pains and diarrhea or even loose stools with cramping, then going gluten free is definitely healthy for you, and opting for gluten free items at all times is ideal and sometimes that does mean choosing the highly refined options just to avoid excessive bathroom trips, especially for those with Celiac Disease. However, if you don’t have a sensitivity or an allergy and you just opt for the gluten free option instead of the wholegrain wheat or spelt option, you’re actually doing harm to yourself. GF products should be wholegrain or made with quality ingredients full of nutrients (see below) if you’re not inclined to make something from scratch. Hey, we all need a little help sometimes that’s why those products are there – but read those labels carefully and choose the best of the best. Visit my gluten free page for those products that I carefully screened just for you!

The Gluten Free Check System – Is This Healthy For Me?

  • Is it made with GF wholegrains/flours or other high protein foods/flours? (brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, bean flours, nut flours, coconut flour, teff, sorghum)
  • Is it made with natural sugars or no sugars at all? (sucanat, maple syrup, honey, fresh or dried fruits)
  • Does it have any protein or fiber? (avoid all baked good products that have less then 3g of each per serving)
  • Does it contain healthy fats? (nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut) It doesn’t always have to contain these but check where the fat is coming from if there is fat on the label
  • Does it contain all natural ingredients? (avoiding artificial sugars like maltitol, sorbitol, high fructose corn syrup,other words you can’t pronounce and hydrogenated oils)

If you said “CHECK” to all of these that apply – then the GF product you’ve chosen is definitely a healthier alternative than those processed ones and as a bonus, your tummy will feel much better!

For your educational pleasure please read the article from CNN

Don’t forget about my many gluten free resources like the gluten free food products page, gluten free articles and information page and the gluten free cosmetics page.

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