How to make a frittata

Here’s an easy step by step way with pictures for how to make a frittata. Too often people get stuck following recipes too closely that they aren’t creative and won’t make it unless they have 100% of everything. So let’s throw away those measuring devices and watch my hand cues as we go through this recipe. The only thing you definitely need is eggs – otherwise feel free to sub in whatever else you want – any veggie, any spice.

What you need

12 eggs (or 8 eggs, 8 egg whites)
vegetables – in this case tomato, kale, spinach
oil – in this case coconut oil
spice – in this case basil and sea salt
liquid – in this case water

Breakfast - how to frittata

Step 1 – wash and chop vegetables. That’s how much I used because greens tend to wilt and get smaller. Preheat oven to 350F

Breakfast - how to frittata2

Step 2 – take this much coconut oil and add it to a sautee pan

Breakfast - how to frittata3

Step 3 – add those chopped veggies to the pan with a lid and let sautee until soft and wilted

Breakfast - how to frittata4

Step 4 – Transfer veggies to a cast iron skillet (*see note below if you don’t have a cast iron skillet)

Breakfast - how to frittata5

Step 5 – beat eggs and add about a spoonful of water. Pour into cast iron skillet over top of veggies.

Breakfast - how to fritatta6

Step 6 – take this much dried basil and sea salt and toss it into the egg and veggie mixture and swirl it around a bit. Now let it cook on the stove top until the bottom and sides are cooked but it’s not completely done.

Breakfast - how to frittata7

Step 7 – transfer cast iron skillet to the oven and cook until the top is fully cooked (when you pierce it with a knife there should be no liquid egg) approx 10 minutes. And done!

*If you don’t have a cast iron skillet – at step 4 transfer mixture to a quiche pan, add the eggs, water, spices and just transfer to the oven immediately and allow to cook thoroughly (approx 30 minutes)

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