Gluten Free Skin Care

Some people who have Celiac Disease may notice that they are even sensitive to gluten on their skin – especially products that are used in and around the mouth. But just like food, if a skin care product claims to be gluten free it still doesn’t mean it’s good for you. There are a ton of chemicals and carcinogenic (cancer causing) ingredients in cosmetic and skin care products. What you eat comes out, and what you apply goes in. Here’s a list of skin care products that I researched that are gluten free AND are the least hazardous according to The Environmental Working Group. Be safe, look vibrant, be healthy!

*This list was created June 2013

Gluten Free and Non-Toxic Skin Care

  • 100% oils like coconut oil, rose hip oil, etc (check source of Vitamin E) – great for hair, make up removal, and skin
  • 100% – witch hazel, tea tree oil
  • Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap – Liquid & Bar castile soap, 18 in 1 liquid body/face soap, hand soaps (not almond scent)
  • Jason – Kids only orange/strawberry toothpaste (other kids products are gluten free but measured with caution from the EWG)
  • Gluten Free Beauty – lip gloss, natural foundation, pearl anti-aging cleanser
  • Juice Beauty (all but hydrating mist are gluten free, some of the make up line has toxic material according to the EWG)
  • Soleil Organique – environmental defense sun stick SPF 30
  • Sunumbra – natural, sport and kids sunscreen
  • Ancient Olive – Natural Olive Oil Bar Soap
  • Toms of maine – Fluoride free Toothpaste and certain deodorants (all products except hand soap and body wash are gluten free, mouthwash, bar soap & Fluoride toothpastes are not rated well with the EWG)
  • Thayers – Alcohol free witch hazel/aloe toner unscented
  • Aubrey Organics – babyline (the rest of the line is mostly a green light for health but you have to check for wheat germ oil)
  • Desert Essence – look for their fragrance free options, for their full gluten free line click here,  the majority of their products are a green light for health but check individual products with the EWG – also does not have a dedicated gluten free facility
  • Burts Bees – lip products (check glosses at The EWG)
  • W.S.Badger – not a dedicated gluten free facility, but products do not contain gluten and do not use sunscreen made prior to June 2012
  • Bare Escentuals/Minerals – make up (some have caution flags) – not a dedicated gluten free facility -
  • Kiss My Face – olive bar soaps, vitamin a&e moisturizer fragrance free

*Other gluten free skin care lines that should be used with caution according to the EWG – Organix, Epionce, Method, Blue Lizard Sunscreen, Dove, Mrs. Meyers, Afterglow, Other Kiss My Face Products (4 breath blast mouth wash, scented moisturizers, citrus cleanser, all day crème)

DISCLAIMER – Empower your body with food,, or Sarah Maughan cannot be held responsible for companies changing their ingredients, a company becoming contaminated with gluten or someone having an allergic reaction from consuming/topically applicating any of the above products. Please use with care and always check ingredients or double check with manufacturers when you are uncertain.