Eggs with my Kale

Surprisingly, this is a breakfast I made when I had very little time. With pre-chopped kale all ready I threw it in the pan, cracked open the eggs and actually forgot to stir it all around so it turned out like this – pretty easy and still tasted the same. Eggs can take time, but they can also be pretty darn quick when you’re not adding more than a few ingredients. Here’s a simple, few ingredient, high nutrient powered morning breakfast. Instead of adding a bit of kale to your eggs, why not add a bit of egg to your kale?

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Eggs with my Kale

Sarah Maughan
source url Ingredients
2 whole eggs
large handful of kale, chopped finely*
drizzle of extra virgin olive oil
sprinkle of cayenne pepper + sea salt (curry powder is also delish)

acquistare viagra generico 100 mg consegna rapida a Genova Directions

1. Add olive oil and chopped kale to a frying pan, add lid and cook for a few minutes until soft. While doing this, why not hop in for a quick shower.

2. Crack open 2 eggs on top – anywhere you wish!

3. Sprinkle with cayenne pepper + sea salt + other spices if you wish

4. Cook until eggs are done the way you like it – you can flip this whole thing over or leave it sunnyside up. The choice is all yours.

vardenafil generico in farmacia senza ricetta *TIP – prechop kale in advance and leave it in a container for the week, or freeze it to quickly add nutrition to anything!

Pair this with ½ an avocado and tomato or diced up sweet potatoes or a slice of wholegrain bread of your choice – whatever your stomach so desires that particular morning.



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