Do you already eat well? Top 5 reasons your nutrition needs a revamp!

It’s not uncommon for me to consult with individuals and I hear them say “Oh, I already eat well”, but yet upon further investigation, I have to break the bad news – they don’t.

It’s often due to a misunderstanding of what “eating well” means. One of the best ways to help someone realize this is to ask “How is that working for you”.

If one is truly eating well, they shouldn’t have issues with decreased energy, feeling bloated, unable to lose weight, having digestive issues (of course, there are exceptions and underlying medical issues).

I find that some people may have goals to reach during our sessions but they put up a block “I already eat well” or “I’ve always eaten this way, it works for me”. Does it? If you’re not feeling well, is it really working for you?

Here are my top 5 reasons why you may not “already eat well” and it’s time to think about a change – some of these may surprise you!

It’s time for a nutrition revamp when:


1. Your belief of healthy food is revolved around low fat foods – your entire diet is low in overall fats, even the good ones, and you often find yourself buying packages that say “low fat”. This will lead to decreased mental acuity (which is 60% fat), decreased energy, elevated blood sugar levels (low fat products are high in sugar) and hormonal issues – not to mention feeling absolutely starving since fat sends a signal to your brain that you are full. Missing any key major nutrients is not a “healthy” diet.


2. You feel strongly about organic food (which you should) but 1/2 of your intake is organic treats – sugar is sugar! Just because it’s organic dessert, doesn’t mean it’s a meal replacement. Always check ingredients, even when it says organic.


3. You eat everything good for you in excess – key word being excess. Avocado? Great I’ll have 6 in my salad. Quinoa? Give me the whole bag – it’s high in protein after all. Or maybe you eat almonds like it’s your job. Nothing is awesome or healthy for you in excess. If it was, then everyone would be able to survive off one food entirely. Eat a ton of awesome food in variety – switch up the starches, fruits, veggies, proteins and healthy fats and make sure you get enough of each and don’t just survive off quinoa. Too much food is too much food.


4. Your diet consists only of fresh pressed veggie and fruit juices, all day, every day, with no end in sight. Your micronutrients are soaring high and shining! But your macronutrients – like protein and fat and carbohydrates, don’t exist. At least not in the quantities you need to live and thrive. In the long term, this will lead to health issues as each of these build hormones, muscular structure, and brain tissue, to name a few. The same applies for chronically replacing meals with smoothies more than twice a day – you are likely getting a whole lot of fruit sugar and not a great variety in your nutrition.


5. Your caloric intake has maintained the same for 10+ years, and numbers are incredibly important to you. Low calories = health, right? Nope – if you focus on a number you forget to look at what you’re putting in your body. Calories don’t equal nutrition, they equal “energy” to the body, but there are energy givers (fruit and veg) and energy stealers (potato chips). Not only that, but if your overall energy intake has maintained the same over 10+ years, but your fitness level changed (increased) or perhaps you had a baby or became diagnosed with a health condition – all of these affect how much actual energy, and which nutrients, your body needs. Nutrition needs change constantly as you and your lifestyle change. That’s also why the same breakfast since you were 8 probably won’t feel that fantastic after you’ve reached menopause 😉


If you say you “already eat well” and your day includes a balance of fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, a variety of proteins, a variety of carbohydrate sources and a variety of saturated and unsaturated (we need both) fats and you pay attention to the ingredients in food products (if you buy any), where your food comes from, the overall quality of your food and eat whole real food, and spend time making food a priority (as in preparing it) and you’re reaching your nutrition goals – then you are totally right – you DO already eat well! And then this is where I would refund your session because you don’t need a nutritionist 😉

No worries if you found out you have a blind spot – it happens. Now that you’ve identified it, let’s get you to your goals 🙂

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