Another DIY Homemade Gift in a Jar Idea – Gluten Free Granola!

The other day I posted my cookie recipe for holiday jars which had such a great response so I decided to do some more! Today is another idea with granola. This one is a great gift for those who don’t enjoy making food or baking and just love eating! It’s ready to eat, healthy for you and delicious – extra bonus the majority of individuals can eat this because one of the recipes is allergen free (although take precautions for cross contamination for those who have serious allergies).

The dry cookie mix in a jar is great to make if you hate to bake, but the person who’s receiving it loves to bake! It’s a win for all 🙂

All you have to do is make one heck of a large batch of either my gluten-free crazy granola (also free of nuts, corn, egg, soy, dairy) or my gluten-free Fall for granola. 1 recipe makes approximately 3 x 1L mason jars so it’s best to quadruple it if you’re making gifts for lots of people.

The granola works well in the smaller 250ml jars as well.

NOTE – when baking in large batches make sure it’s stirred very well and everything is all combined.  Only bake small amounts at a time for even baking.

gluten free allergen free granola

Just like before I’ve made up some easy printable labels for you so this holiday season can be fun!

For the Crazy Granola recipe – for the lid and the ingredients for the jar
For the Fall for Granola recipe – for the lid and the ingredients for the jar

You need to use Avery Print to the Edge Round Labels #22807 for the lid and Avery Print to the Edge Oval Labels #22820 for the ingredient labels.

Have a delicious and healthy holiday season!

gluten free crazy granola

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