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Today on my website please welcome Kathy Smart, Gluten-Free Expert and Co-Creator of The Gluten Free Smart Store. Welcome Kathy! Before we begin the interview why don’t you give us a little background info on yourself.

I am a celiac who loves good food! I was diagnosed with celiac disease when I was 12 years old and realized that if you change what you eat, you can change your life! My life’s mission has been to motivate and inspire others that THEY can too have a life filled with health and that celiac disease or gluten free does not mean you have to give up great taste! It motivated me to become a nutritionist, holistic chef, best selling cookbook author and I went on to do the world’s first gluten free TV show on Rogers TV and even ended up on the Dr. Oz show!


An Interview with Kathy Smart, Co-Founder of The Gluten Free Smart Store

 1. What inspired you to develop the Gluten Free Smart Store website? 

What inspired me was in talking with Tammie from Allergic Solution and Lisa from Gluten Free Find that there was not a one stop shop of gluten free foods that people could easily find gluten free healthy products that they may not have access to. We decided to create the solution!

2. When you first went gluten free, what did you find was the hardest part for yourself?

The hardest part for me about going gluten free was eating out or being invited to people’s houses. I then learned to start cooking gourmet gluten free foods to bring and was delighted when even chefs and non- gluten free people devoured the food!

3. What’s your absolute favourite on-the-go snack?

 My absolute favorite on the go snack is hands down peanut butter- anything with unsweetened organic peanut butter. Peanut butter on an apple, celery or a quinoa cracker…yum!

4. On the store’s website there are different sections to search by. What does your “Smart Approved” stamp mean?

This is a stamp that is not bought- and what it means is that a specific product is low glycemic, full of fibre, protein and made with WHOLE foods. As little processing as possible. Anyone going gluten free needs to see their food as their medicine.

5. Are there items that aren’t “Smart Approved” on the site? Why or why not?

There are a few items that are not ‘ Smart Approved’ as I believe in the 90 – 10 rule. 90% of the time eat the most healthy and nutrient dense food possible. 10% of the time- enjoy your treats 🙂

6. How does the Gluten Free Smart Store differ from other websites that may carry gluten free products?

What makes the Gluten Free Smart Store different is that you can purchase products without having to research them yourself to know if it is good for you. If it is Smart Approved, we have done all the research for you! It is also an exclusive store that just not any company is able to be listed. We go through a process of determining if this company shares our values and integrity for health and gluten free living.

  7. If there was one thing you would like gluten free individuals to know, what would it be?

It would be that you CAN eat delicious gluten free food that is good for you! You do not have to sacrifice taste and nutrition. Let your food be your medicine and tickle your taste buds too!

Believe in yourself. If you are just new to gluten free or just newly diagnosed, believe that you CAN achieve an abundant life…that tastes good too!!


Thanks Kathy! It makes my heart sing that yourself, Tammie and Lisa have created a store to help those who need to be gluten-free do so in an easy and healthy way. There is nothing worse than the gluten-free industry taking advantage of people who have been ill and selling products that will only deplete their health further – even though they are gluten-free! I can see big things in the future and we all need to help advocate for gluten free + healthy, just like others are doing in the wheat-based industry. It can be done!

Special Offers for Readers + a Recipe

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Kathy also has an online course that she developed for people wanting to learn how to Live The Smart Way too!

Kathy has shared with us a delicious gluten free recipe! Click the link to download the PDF.
Kathy Smarts Chia Cherry Powerball Recipe

For more recipes and information and to connect with Kathy Smart

Gluten Free Smart Store
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  1. HI Sarah!
    Thank you SO MUCH for a wonderful interview! LOVE your work and thank you for all you do!:)
    Kathy Smart

  2. Thank you so much Sarah for joining the launch event, and for your fabulous interview with Kathy! We appreciate all you do for the gluten-free community! Lisa

  3. I have been LIVING out of Kathy’s cookbook for over a year now, and I have to say that although I am not celiac, I feel so much better when I eat gluten-free Kathy-style! Her recipes are not only healthy, but absolutely delicious so that I never feel deprived. I actually can’t cook any other way than healthy and gluten-free. Thanks to Kathy, I have learned what to look for and what to avoid when buying gluten-free products and making recipes. She is a wealth of knowledge and makes Living The Smart Way achievable for anyone and everyone! Great to see her store up and running and can’t wait to check out her course!!

  4. Great interview. Thanks for posting.

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