Empower Your Allergy Free Kids!

Do you have a kid with a food allergy? Or a ton of food allergies? Or maybe you do yourself? Well, I’ve written a few articles about living without the most common allergens. That’s right – food without gluten, dairy, soy, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, corn, sugar and yeast. What the heck is left? Well, let’s take a look 🙂


Look for this logo when something is kid-friendly!

Every month I write for the Allergic Solution newsletter about how to manage living without any and all of those above mentioned foods if you require the need to do so. It isn’t about *trying* to live without these foods, but rather acknowledging that this is the reality of some people with allergies or restrictions for various reasons. It’s time to get healthy, creative and empowered!

It’s especially important to empower kids and educate them on what they CAN have when they are often faced with what they CAN’T have with their allergies. Allergies are very serious, which is also why it’s important for kids to feel empowered with their choices, instead of just afraid of their food.

So take a look at these kid-focused (but adult friendly) allergy free living newsletters with more to come! Some of the newsletters are focused towards adults only like the cleansing 🙂

Allergy Free Breakfasts – September 2012

Allergy Free Lunches – October 2012

Allergy Free Snacks – November 2012

Allergy Free Holidays – December 2012

Allergy Free Cleansing – January 2013

Now, go ahead and Empower Your Body with (allergy free) Food!


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